Small Groups begin the week of September 17!!  Find an evening that works for you!  Here’s the when, where and who:

SUNDAY | 6:30 PM | Men Only

Led by Ja Whyte | Held at the home of Ja & Heidi Whyte 

Study:  Kingdom Man Bible Study


MONDAY | 6:30 PM

Led by Jason Schmidt | Held at the home of Jason & Wendy Schmidt                  

Study:  Parables



Led by Mel Snow | Held at the home of Mel & Camile Snow                          
Study: The Revealing of Heaven by David Jeremiah



Led by Curtis Larshus | Held at the home of Curtis & Kara Larshus

Study:  The book of James


Oakley Christian Church           

Small Group FAQ’s

 What is a Small Group?

A small group at Oakley Christian Church is a group of people which typically meets weekly to connect, study the Scriptures, serve and support one another.  

 Where and when do they meet?

Most of our small groups will meet in homes.  We will begin the week of September 17th and each small group will decide when to end (November or December).

 What will we study?

This will vary. Please check out the list of small group leaders and what they are studying in each small group.

How important are Small Groups?

We believe that connecting in authentic community with one another is vital for our spiritual lives.  Small Groups are a great way to facilitate this connection.  They are the place where much of the life-on-life ministry of the church takes place as we study God’s Word and share our lives with one another.  In a growing church, Small Groups are a great way to connect more meaningfully with a smaller group of people.

 What is the required commitment?

Though we know there are times when a person needs to miss a Small Group, we encourage a commitment to attend as regularly as possible.  We have found that  the more you go the more you will get out of it.  We encourage all Small Group members to make their groups a high priority in their lives.

 What about childcare?

We do not provide organized childcare for Small Groups.  However, each group may decide to do something in their own groups for childcare.