JULY 25 – 29, 2016
Students on this trip were:   Wyatt Abell, Elise Corbett, Emily Corbett, Elizabeth Gladin, Rebekah Kitch, Michael Maurath, Elijah Thompson, and Karsten Whyte,  Adult Sponsors were:  Laura Abell, Curtis Larshus, Jason Schmidt, and Jason Whyte.
Day 1 | 100 miles south | Sublette/Copeland, KS
Day 2 | 200 miles west | Branson, CO
Day 3 | 100 miles north| Colorado City, CO
Day 4 | 200 miles north | Timnath/Lyons, CO
This year was DESTINATION UNKNOWN.  We picked a “destination” out of the hat and headed to that town and find work that needs to be done.  Into the hat we have north, south, east, & west; and we have the # of miles 100, 150, or 200.  We draw the direction and the # of miles each morning and head that direction.  Once we get into the closest town to that point, we pray, and look for someone or someplace that needs our help.  This is a faith stretching mission trip! 
During the trip we will have worship, devotions and quiet time.  These mission trips are designed to challenge your youth in many ways.  Getting them out of their normal environment helps them understand where they are with their walk with Christ.  Serving others in the name of Christ brings alive the scriptures that we teach in youth group.