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Youth Groups at The Cave Wednesdays MS at 6:00 pm; HS at 7:30 pm

A place where teenagers can be themselves, hang out with friends, and learn important life lessons from the Bible.  We offer a great balance between fun and getting down to the nitty gritty of what God has to say to teenagers. We have a full time youth minister who teaches from the Bible and loves on the kids!


Bible Clubs at The Cave Wednesdays from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm 

A great after school club that meets on Wednesdays at The Cave.  Kids rotate through 3 different learning stations – lessons; snacks and video and game time (to let off some of that great energy).  Bible Club is held the first 8 weeks of each semester September through November in the fall and January through March in the winter.  


Lakeview Christian Camp

We offer summer church camp for kids of all ages, from 1st grade through graduated high school seniors! At Lakeview Christian Camp each church is given the opportunity to come and disciple their people – young and old – in the same way that Jesus did.  The moments you experience will allow you to nurture the spiritual development of your disciples for years to come.


Adventure Bible Zone

We offer Children’s Church during the worship service every other Sunday morning.   “Adventure Bible Zone is for kids ages 4 years old to 4th grade and is held during the message portion of our worship service.   If you are interested in helping with ABZ, please contact the church office at 785.672.3188 or

Vacation Bible School

A valuable tradition at Oakley Christian Church!  We love sharing the love of God with children.

Vacation Bible School is held at the beginning of each summer for children ages Preschool through 5th grades.

A closing program rounds out the week of learning, crafts, games, and fun.  VBS is for everyone!  If you would like to be a volunteer helper or would like to register your children for VBS at OCC, please contact the church office at 785.672.3188 or