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If you are interested in helping to transport kids to camp or you would like to be a sponsor at camp, please contact our Youth Pastor, Jason Schmidt at
The new camp dates for summer 2021 are out and registration is open!  Click here to get registered today!

Summer 2021 Camp Dates

July 1 & 2 | 1st & 2nd Grade

July 5 – 10 | High School

July 11 – 16 | Middle School

July 17 | Day Camp (PreK-K)

July 18 – 22 | 5th & 6th Grade

July 23 – 27 | 3rd & 4th Grade

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Lakeview Christian Camp

OCC attends and is a partner with Lakeview Christian Camp!

Changing lives.  That’s it.  Nothing excites us more than to watch and be a part of the natural transformation that takes place when a person sets foot on the campus of Lakeview Christian Camp.  God meets people while they are at Lakeview Christian Camp.  And nothing thrills us more than to see people – students and adults alike – meeting God and developing a true relationship with Him and His son Jesus Christ.  When Jesus made disciples – He did life with them.  He ate with them.  He traveled with them.  He lived with them.  At Lakeview Christian Camp each church is given the opportunity to come and disciple their people – young and old – in the same way that Jesus did.  The moments you experience will allow you to nurture the spiritual development of your disciples for years to come.