We believe that worship is about encountering God. We desire to draw near to God by turning our attention away from the pressures and distractions of daily life and, through song, considering God and what He has done for us. Through worship we come to God with honesty and authenticity, desiring to engage our hearts, our minds, and our whole selves with Him.

At Oakley Christian Church we worship through music with a variety of contemporary choruses and traditional hymns.

Our worship team (Joyful Noise)consists of volunteers, and we welcome you to join us!  If you play an instrument, sing, or would like to help with the techinical side (soundboard), please contact our Worship Team Leader, Michael Gee at 785.672.0485.


Purpose of Joyful Noise

 The primary purpose of any worship service is to give glory to our Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the Alpha and Omega, the God of the Universe who is to be the whole purpose of our lives. He is worthy of our worship. The primary purpose of our team is to create an atmosphere in which people can be led into an encounter with God. We want to accomplish this purpose by doing the following:

* Exalt and magnify the LORD, not ourselves.

* Edify and encourage God’s people to worship the LORD.

* Prepare hearts to respond obediently to the proclamation of God’s Word.


Working as a whole, with all those that are being used up front on a Sunday morning, we want to bring the congregations focus and attention to God. On any given Sunday this will include music, the spoken message, scripture reading, prayer, sharing, special music, drama, visual arts, and media. Each Sunday we want to bring God the best we have – we want our entire service to be given with a genuine heart to glorify God.