Adventure Bible Zone Kids is our Children’s Church at Oakley Christian Church!
For kids age 4 years old through 4th grade, they are dismissed before the message time of our worship service.
Middle School and High School students help and one adult leader teaches each Sunday.
Here is the upcoming schedule (of volunteers for winter/spring 2020)

January 19  

LEADER:  Danette  HELPERS:  Jenson/Jera


February 2 

LEADER: Jackie  HELPERS:  Jarrett/Jantz


February 9 

LEADER:  Jason   HELPERS:  Will/Chloe


February 16

LEADER:  Jason   HELPERS:  Jada/Tegan


March 1

LEADER:  Jason  HELPERS: Eli/Tegan


March 8 

LEADER: Jackie  HELPER:  Karsira/Matthew


March 15

LEADER: Danette  HELPERS:  Eli/Chloe


March 22

LEADER: Jason  HELPERS:  Ethan/Jenson


April 5

LEADER: Linda   HELPERS:  Jarrett/Eli


April 12

LEADER: Jackie   HELPERS:  Matthew/Jantz


April 19

LEADER: Danette   HELPERS:  Chloe/Kasira

May 3

LEADER: Jason   HELPERS:  Tegan/Andelyn

May 10

LEADER: Jason   HELPERS:  Jera/Jade

May 17

LEADER: Linda   HELPERS:  Danielle/Chloe

May 24

LEADER: Jackie  HELPERS:  Will/Ethan